Skatepark Maps

I moved to St Ives, Cornwall just over a year ago and started visiting skateparks in the area. I was surprised at how many there were, it soon became a mission to visit them all. I photographed and documented them and made and Instagram account @cornwallskateparks
Then people started to comment to say how great it was as a tool while visiting Cornwall and local people got in touch to suggest ones I may have missed. The enthusiasm of people’s response led to the idea of making a physical map. Putting the map together was great fun and a learning curve for myself and my partner Abi who did all the designing. We managed to get some great advertisers on board. We’re grateful for their support and helping us to get the map to print.
They are available for free from skate shops, bikes shops, surf shops, coffee shops and leisure spaces all over Cornwall. A copy of the map is also included with any purchase from the webstore.


Click the button below to see our YouTube channel with videos of some of the skateparks in Cornwall.