History of TwoAnd8

History of TwoAnd8

I started TWOAND8 in 1994 on the outskirts of West London. It was a creative outlet for my friends and I that started with selling T-shirts out of the back of my old Volvo at BMX races. It was a means to get a bit of extra money, so we could ride more and not have to do full time jobs.

I started out by sketching rough ideas, copying and pasting designs to give to my printer who would then tidy them up before printing onto the T-shirts. John Dye from Volt BMX / Bicycle Union did some of the early designs for me, in turn we would get his shirts printed for him. We had no great ambitions or goals, just having fun and riding as much as possible

Around 2000 I was started to expand the range, this is when Adi Gilbert was living in London and started doing pretty much everything graphic related from product design, ad layout and web design. The range grew into jeans, waterproof jackets, backpacks, caps and much more. We had a great team of riders Kye, Toby & Leo Forte, Graeme Hardie, Jerry Galley, Adam Aloise, Scott Edgworth, Chris Mahoney, Neal Wood – I’m sure there was more but my memory isn’t that great. We had some great road trips around Europe that were featured in Ride UK Magazine & Dig BMX Magazine. We were trying to get to all the events and trade shows to display our range.

Then over the next few years I found myself working a full-time job, bought my first house and was spending my evenings working on TWOAND8 and slowly realised I wasn’t riding as much. Which was the whole reason for starting the brand. So, we slowed things down a bit and put it on the back burner for a while. It may have slowed down, but the embers never died, we knew it would be re-ignited at some point when the time was right. We are slowly igniting the fire again.

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